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Mediation is recognized and accepted by the legal community as a highly effective, as well as, an efficient and cost effective alternative to lengthy and costly trials as a means to resolve issues. Mediation offers parties the opportunity to define and clarify issues, identify interests, explore solutions and reach resolution.

The mediator brings skills and experience to the table which are essential to a successful mediation process.  To have confidence in the process parties must have confidence in the mediator; it is the mediator who ensures integrity in the process.

Why should you select Judge Stroumtsos?

Selection of Judge Nicholas Stroumtsos as your mediator ensures a third party neutral whose current legal practice is exclusively devoted to the highest standards of Alternative Dispute Resolution. Regarded as a leading mediator for complex litigation, Judge Stroumtsos enjoys one of the highest settlement rates nationally, settleling, on average, 90% of the matters mediated before him, almost double the national average. His approach combines a pragmatic, realistic approach and careful application of the law. Judge Stroumtsos brings a wealth of judicial and legal experience to the mediation table. His reputation as a conscientious and fair jurist committed to equitable resolution of disputes is a hallmark of his many years on the bench.  His diligence and dedication to moving issues to resolution is unparralled.

Mediation Standards

The American Bar Association – Section on Dispute Resolution, the American Arbitration Association and the Association for Conflict Resolution have jointly adopted model standards for mediation.  Judge Stroumtsos conducts his mediations according to these nationally accepted standards.

Judge Stroumtsos is diligent to ensure the integrity of the mediation process by adhering to the highest ethical standards and the established practice guidelines. The highest level of professional conduct is maintained throughout the mediation. Judge Stroumtsos ensures the quality of the process by promoting diligence, timeliness, procedural fairness.  Integrity of the process is ensured by Judge Stroumtsos through his impartiality, competence and confidentially and knowledge and application of the law.